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The best of Cape Verde comes with passion, existence, cheerfulness and a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You may not have even heard of Cabo Verde before and that’s understandable. It is an island chain made up of ten isles, located off the coast of Senegal. The archipelago which was formerly part of Portugal achieved independence in 1975.

What’s the appeal? Do you want a loving summer bath in Senegal or a great time on the beaches of Cabo Verde? Have you ever thought about what makes Cape Verde a better place to spend your summer vacation than visiting somewhere more predictable?

Here are some key points about Cape Verde:

Fascinating facts about Cape Verde

Location: the country has isles that are of volcanic formation, and they are split into two clusters: the Barlavento Islands (windward) and the Sotavento Islands (leeward). Some of the key islands include Santiago, Santo Antão, São Vicente, Sal, Boa Vista, and Fogo.

Culture and Language: The people here are called Cabo Verdeans or Cabo Verdeans. The nation has a rich cultural background influenced by African, Portuguese, and Brazilian customs. The national language is Portuguese, and Cabo Verdean Creole, a Creole tongue based on Portuguese, is commonly spoken.

Economy: Cape Verde’s economic structure relies heavily on service-based industries, such as hospitality, trade, and transportation. The country has experienced notable advancements in the last several years, with advancements in infrastructural development, schooling, and health services. Fishing and farming, notably banana and coffee production, also contribute to the economy.

Tourism: Cape Verde is famous for its beautiful sandy shores, pristine waters, and all-year sunny weather, making it a popular tourist destination. Travelers can partake in recreational pursuits including bathing, underwater exploration, sailboarding, and walking. The islands also have a rich music scene, with genres such as morna and coladeira styles being favored.

Climate: Cape Verde has a tropical weather with a noticeable wet and dry season. The dry season usually extends from November to June, while the wet season occurs from July through October. The archipelago are sometimes subject to tropical weather disturbances and major storms.

Autonomy and Political system: Cabo Verde achieved independence from the Portuguese Empire on July 5th, 1975. It is a democratic republic with a multi-party system. The Head of State is the head of state and government, and the National Assembly is the state’s legislative organ.

Cape Verde is a one-of-a-kind and vibrant place, offering a mix of cultural aspects from Africa and Portugal, breathtaking scenery, and a hospitable environment for tourists.

Experiences to do in Cape Verde
There are a lot of things to do in Cape Verde, here are 8 experiences to do in Cape Verde over the summer.

#1. Activities to do in Cape Verde – Quad Bike Safari
Experience a quad bike safari and leave the city behind as you venture through the gleaming sand dunes of Viana Desert. Experience dune bashing at sunset and drive across Estoril beach to the M/S Cabo Santa Maria shipwreck. No journey to Cape Verde would be complete without a desert safari.

#2. Visit Pedra de Lume Salt Crater
Travel to the village of Pedra de Lume and discover Pedra de Lume’s salt crater. This salt evaporation pond has a elevated concentration of salt, which allows people can float easily in it due to the buoyancy. For many years, this volcanic crater has supplied the Portuguese salt industry and is now primarily serving as a tourist spot.

#3. Seafood Gastronomy
Want something a bit different? The sea offers a intriguing opportunity to uncover the mysteries of the underwater world. Go diving or snorkelling! A range of diving and snorkelling options are available for tourists who want to experience what Cape Verde has to offer. One of the best places to do this is on the island of Sal.

Snorkelling is a big part of the Boa Vista and Sal experience particularly when it includes a opportunity to swim with the sea turtles and getting to know how to snorkel can be a great memory to take home.

The optimal time to go scuba diving and snorkelling is in the period of April-October.

#5. Go Kitesurfing
Engage in kitesurfing and relish the breathtaking view of the vicinity. Kite surfing has to be one of the most thrilling watersports you can do on the isles of Cape Verde.

The breezes can be quite intense on much of the Sal and Boa Vista seashore in January through May, and this generates superb conditions for kiteboarding and boarding.

#6. Take a walk through the Santa Maria town
Gain some fascinating insight into Cape Verde’s rich legacy and practices. Journey through the area of Santa Maria, and enjoy the lively town before visiting one of the shoreline restaurants.

#7. Lets Party!
Cape Verde has the perfect nightlife to make every night a memorable one, whether you’re considering a intimate night out or spending some fun with friends.

Cape Verde’s nightlife is typically based on beloved live music and dance. The local sounds of Africa, combined with European and Latin devices have led to the alluring and energetic Creole music that is well known in the archipelago.

Many aspects of the nocturnal activities in Cabo Verde takes place at hotels, but the lively essence of the natives is evident at the primary traveler hotspots on weekends, where you can engage with the cadence of music echoing around the local eateries.

#8. Visit the Isle of Boa Vista
Visit the Boa Vista island, one of the 10 isles of the country surrounded by breathtaking coastlines and it’s known for the sand dunes and moon-like volcanic terrains of the Desert of Viana.

If you are looking for lodging in Boa Vista don’t worry we are here to help. There are five well-known hotels on the island of Boa Vista that you can stay at including the Riu Touareg, Riu Palace and the Riu Karamboa, Iberostar Club and Royal Horizon Boavista. These lodgings offer the finest scenery and are suitable for families.

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Final thoughts about attractions in Cape Verde
This enchanting isle offers a singular blend of African and Portuguese cultures, beautiful vistas, and a hospitable atmosphere. Its beaches, lively local life, water sports, and cultural offerings make it an enticing destination for tourists wanting both rest and adventure.
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