RELX Receives Red Dot Award: Product Design 2020 for RELX Infinity

RELX Technology, Asia’s leading ecigarette model, could be given the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2020 due to the newest e-cigarette, RELX Infinity. The Red Dot Award is merely awarded to items that feature really unique structure.
The Red Dot Award: Product Design is one of those world’s biggest design contests. In 2020, manufacturers and designers in more than fifty nations around the world entered many more compared to 6,500 services and products inside the contest. The global jury contains seasoned authorities from numerous disciplines and possesses been convening for over Six decades therefore that you are able to pick the season’s greatest designs. Within the adjudication method that crosses several times , they observe the services and products and in the course of time get to a wellfounded selection regarding the style quality of their admissions. In trying to keep the motto”In search of fantastic style and design and innovation”, their examination concentrates on requirements like the degree of innovationand performance, and proper grade, durability and durability.
Travelling to Shenzhen, China in January, RELX Infinity would be the business’s most up-to-date solution. Featuring individually constructed systems, Infinity is in a position to acquire a full-flavor and produce a super-smooth pull out of beginning to end. The smoothness is manufactured possible by two main RELX systems: the Active-steam Pro and Air Boost style and design. Active-steam Pro accomplishes a consistent vapor volume and caliber by both actively balancing and managing both atomizing temperature and power; while the aerodynamic Air Boost layout creates harmful pressure that compels the vapor up from the atomizer.

As nicely like a more milder taste, Infinity attributes superb battery performance and wireless charging. Two different slim charging cases may charge the apparatus for two to 3 days until either has to be billed back again. RELX also improved the leakage resistance performance using their generation with the Infinity.
The development of Infinity required 380 days. In that time, the Infinity experienced 5 9 iterations. RELX has filed patent applications for over than 53 innovations seen in the solution , for example its leak-resistant structure, eliquid pods and wireless charging instance. Even the Red Dot is not the very first time RELX has become awarded for the item designs. The RELX I, RELX’s very first intelligent e-cigarette apparatus was granted that the 2019 Bronze Prize in the European Product Design Awards as well as also the Bronze award in the 2018 International Design Awards.
About RELX
Founded in January 2018,” RELX is Asia’s major e-cigarette business. RELX individually develops its e-cigarette products during its R&D centre in Shenzhen, China. RELX’s assignment is definitely to enable adult smokers through tech and style , ethically. RELX continues to create important investments in R&D, e-liquid testing and cool product development. RELX has created the very first CNAS-standard lab using an independent e cigarette model. The enterprise has attracted world wide talents from Uber, Proctor and Gamble, Huawei, Beats, along with L’Oreal. RELX investors include top capital raising organizations Source Code Capital, IDG Capital, and Sequoia Capital.
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