What you should Learn about Hotmail

On this article we’ll allow you to solve the faq’s about Hotmail including how you can get the inbox, how you can enter my hotmail email ?, or enter the hotmail inbox when you join ?, also concerning how to get the hotmail inbox ?, How you can recover my password ?, among others.

Email Hotmail
Hotmail will be the oldest free email on the net, due to the large number of users that grew exponentially, it quickly gained momentum on the net.
Microsoft the creator of Hotmail made a new platform with several updates called Outlook, so any time you enter your browser www.hotmail.com this redirects you to the primary page of Outlook.
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You should note that if you have an account in hotmail, you are still active in that domain however with the advantages offered by the new updates.
Great things about Hotmail.com
It allows one to subdivide the mail into various aliases (additional email addresses) and that means you are able to use different contact information to categorize the information into different folders, for example: email addresses for friends and family, one for work or university matters etc
By doing this you will have every one of the classified information and will also be easier to manage. The above does not imply creating more accounts, you merely make use of the alias resource with the new platform; For example, [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
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It must be noted that it is also very useful in the corporate world because you can classify the data of different departments on the same platform. It is important to cover that aliases utilize the same input folder, exactly the same address book, and the same configuration because the primary email address.
Another advantage is about the storage capacity (Drive), as it can be stated that it is almost unlimited, whenever you want it it is expanding.
It is possible to edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint files because of Hotmail 365
If you want you are able to affect the color of the interface.
You may also sort your inbox by date, subject or size.
You have a calendar as well as an agenda at your disposal, this will be very useful to suit your needs.
Hotmail will come in these Spanish-speaking countries (Spanish): Argentina (AR), Mexico (MX), Spain (ES), Colombia (CO), Ecuador (EC), Venezuela (VE), Uruguay (UR), Chile (CH), Paraguay (PY), Bolivia (BO), Peru (PE), United states of america (USA) and others.
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