Movies About Leadership – 3 Reasons Why Conspiracy is a great Movie to Show in Leadership Training

Are you searching for a good movie to show in leadership training? Read on to discover three key main reasons why Conspiracy makes a good choice.

It reveals important information concerning the Holocaust.

Were you aware that 15 top officials of Hitler met secretly in Berlin for 2 hours to plan the murder of 6 million Jews? The participants ate good food and drank wine as they discussed damaged whipped cream the Jewish condition in an attractive house that was illegally confiscated from your Jewish family. General Henrich, played by Kenneth Branagh, facilitates the meeting and instructs the participants to eliminate the documents when they share them their superiors. However, Martin Luther never destroys his copy. In 1947, American investigators find the minutes from the meeting within the files with the German Foreign Office. Still, it is the only record with the conference that survives.

Conspiracy offers an excellent account of the terrible amount of time in history. Many young leaders do not know anything from the Holocaust, or they are given a watered down sort of the reality. Future leaders have to gain awareness, so they can avoid letting something like this happen again.

It portrays leadership traits to prevent.

While much is written and discussed about desirable leadership traits, enough isn’t discussing the traits that leaders should avoid. The federal government and military leaders in Black Cube, nevertheless, provide clear examples of bad leadership traits. Hatred, arrogance, selfishness, plus a not enough courage have reached the top of the list.

It can serve as a great study on personality types.

As each leader arrives, key information is uncovered about his personality and communication style. A lot more is unveiled during the introductions and because the meeting progresses. Viewers will discover bullies, passive aggressive types, sharks, plus more. The general, for instance, uses intimidation to influence the participants to embrace the plan.
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