Garage Sale Saturdays…The Hunt Is On!

Saturday’s “To Do” list commences with Visit Rummage sales!
Planning my route the night time before, testing my gps on my phone and circling the yard sale listings from the paper are a Friday night ritual.
The community I reside in can be a “Planned Community”. Which makes it pre-planned and strategically outlined. It really is separated into Sections every section is represented by directions. The “P” section consists of streets beginning with the letter P: Perkins, Parking, Parkins, Penny. You get the drift! Inside the P section, there are many retirees and young professionals. The W section is considered the rich and ritzy section of town Then this B section is older but, more shabby. The R section is packed with young couples with children. The S Section is south of town and considered within the boondocks simply because the lots are larger plus it feels more country. Last but not least, the C Section is the place the canals, intracoastal, boats, boats and more boaters live. Each section possesses its own characteristics and community. Despite the fact that we’re all the main larger town, these “sections” develop over town to draw a certain ambience. The location with lots of children have 2 elementary schools and sidewalks throughout. The “Country” section of town doesn’t have street lights and it is over beaten track from your most town. But, the city all together has rules and regulations and laws that individuals all attempt to abide.

Were allowed Two rummage sales annually. We have been forced to get a $5 permit for each and every of these sales and our signage is grabbed and destroyed by noon on Saturday mornings. It isn’t a conducive atmosphere for a Garage Sale Business from your home!
Many people have ignored each of the rules, communicated making use of their neighbors regarding needs and plans and make a fairly good living donning the garage sale event monthly! When storage auctions near me get caught disobeying the policies, they feign innocence on the rules and promise to prevent try it again! But, 2-3 weeks later when important things have calmed down again, there will suddenly be another garage sale! Most of the people in the neighborhood could care less and life continues!
Around the Wednesday prior to the Friday/Saturday Yard sale rush, a listing of all sales arrives within our local shopping guide, The Pennysaver. People list their address, time and date of sale along with a couple of “hook” items that will attract the throngs of super sale seekers. I faithfully pour in the Pennysaver dividing the sale addresses into town’s sections and plot my Saturday journey!
I leave to the sales until around 11am since most of the sales end by 1 or 2pm. Therefore, when I purchase for the sale, individuals will be ready to put up for sale all of the their stuff for almost any price you offer them. Because i am NEVER searching for anything in particular… just real deals, I have been previously capable of purchase (without negotiation) entire rooms of furniture, enormous collections of old china and enough fabric to sew clothes for any under-developed nation! I purchased it for around $5!!! I’ve got a weekly budget around $20 for yard sales and just once or twice have I ever gone over that quantity!!!
So, because of this weekend, I’m plotting out about 10 sales within a 10 mile variety of my home. I’ll leave at 11 am and stay back by 3pm i know….The rear seat from the car is going to be LOADED!!!!
Oh! And Happy Junquin’!!!

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